Soldier to Schools

Year 8 students commemorate the Centenary of the First World War

The Humanities Faculty invited two serving soldiers from the regional British Army team, Warrant Officer Ray Miller and Sergeant James Clarke to come into school to talk with our Year 8 students who have spent several months studying World War One in History.  As part of the army’s commemorations of the centenary of the First World War, the soldiers gave a presentation which compared life experiences of the First World War compared with life as a modern day soldier.

Our students were enthralled by the presentation, the visual displays and the assortment of artefacts and modern day equipment.  Questions regarding the ‘geography’ of warfare – the countries involved, the ‘religious and ethical ’ dimension of the conflict regarding Conscientious Objectors and conditions in the trenches were just a few of the areas explored.  The soldiers also referred to the ‘psychology’ of warfare and the first use of gas and chemicals.

The photographs from the day demonstrate students’ engagement in the learning and it was a highly rewarding event. Our student volunteers did a sterling job in demonstrating the army uniform and weapons of WW1 compared to modern day 2016.

The History Department also took the opportunity to invite fourteen Y8 students to a reward lunch with the soldiers in celebration of their consistent hard work and effort all academic year.  A huge well done and congratulations to:

William Taylor
Morgan Taylor
Alfie Hubbert
Kurt Wood
Ashleigh Bailey
Jamie Huxley
Matthew Keeble
Cameron Bryan
Lewis Hughes
Sophie Druce
Ashleigh Walton
Georgia Quinn
Chelsea Speakman
Jade Swift

Miss Bramwell, Mr Davies, Mr Blundred and Mr Chester are very proud of you!


  1. An excellent talk from two very experienced soldiers – their insights into World War 1 and the conditions that soldiers had to live in was very enlightening and the students responded well. This has helped to support the knowledge and understanding of the students viewpoints of WW1. A very interesting and informative experience.

  2. This looked like such an amazing experience for the year 8 students. Hopefully this will encourage them to carry on there studies as an historian and to take this as a GCSE. I know that when I did GCSE history that it enabled me to see what the past was like and it also allowed me to see that the past can impact the future. Also to the students whom are currently studying history I hope you are enjoying it and hope that you all achieve what you want. I know that if I could study history again I would.

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