DofE Silver Practice Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Silver Practice Expedition

On Saturday 1st April our Silver DofE students left school to undertake their three day practice expedition in the Peak District. As has become tradition the students set out on the first of three days walking in the rain and put their navigation skills to the test in the Dark Peak. As the day went on the rain started to ease and students made it to Crowden Caravanning and Camping Club in goodtime. After preparing their food they worked with Miss James to put together some amusing presentations linked to key DofE skills including first aid, cooking and map skills. There was a little controversy on Day 1 as it appeared that Miss James, having been left unsupervised for a short period, had in fact booked herself into one of the campsites wooden lodges. All was made better in the morning when it turned out she hadn’t put the heating on and was a cold as the rest of us!

After a cold night the students made breakfast and set off along the Pennine Way Bridleway in warm sunshine. Apart from a slight navigation error by one group that added a couple of kilometres onto their day (oops!!), all groups made it back to the campsite in good spirits and were allowed the luxury of an ice-cream in the sunshine. Miss James was again left in charge of entertainment and didn’t disappoint with staff and students taking part in a number of games that left everyone with aching sides from all of the laughter.

After an even colder night the students set out on their final day in warm sunshine. It was great to see the students working together in their teams to get through their third and final day of walking and strong navigation from all teams meant that everyone reached the end of the expedition in good time.

Well done everyone on a successful practice expedition. It was great to receive positive comments from the staff at the campsite and yet again you have left a very positive impression of our Academy. We will now be getting ready for our qualifying expedition in June!


  1. These photos show just how much fun you have whilst learning important lifelong skills. Well done for your determination and hard work in your practice expedition – just the real thing to go now! Good Luck!

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