Curriculum Enrichment

Here at Sandon we aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for all our students which are designed to raise achievement by motivating young people to become more effective learners through the enjoyment of learning, good study habits, stretch and challenge.

Curriculum enrichment adds greater quality and value to a person on the journey they take to fulfil their potential. The enrichment opportunities we provide can make a significant impact on the learning, development and overall wellbeing of our students. These activities provide scope for students to develop personal, social and lifelong skills as they prepare for the wider world.

We ask our young people to ‘Get involved!’ and join in the experiential opportunities designed to fulfil their potential in academic, physical and creative achievements. Enrichment activities are based both within the classroom, for example workshops led by visiting speakers and through extra-curricular clubs at lunchtime or after school. Access to high quality educational experiences include educational trips and visits, residential experiences, international links, charity fundraising, volunteer services, competitions, sports, music, dance, drama and theatre performances.

Our partnership links with a range of organisations enable us to maximise the educational experiences of our young people. Links with the primary feeder schools support activities to enable smooth transition to KS3. Strong partnership links with local colleges and universities enable us to collaborate and offer post 16 course taster sessions which support future learning pathways and transition at KS4. In addition, our links with employers and business organisations in the wider community offer projects and activities to support student career plans and develop employability skills.

High expectations are set and curriculum enrichment provision aims to raise achievement by enabling students to:

  • Build upon learning in the classroom
  • Enjoy a broader range of experiences, activities, people, cultures and places Work independently and work co-operatively with others
  • Develop good study strategies
  • Build confidence, develop communication skills and raise self-esteem

Curriculum enrichment offers an opportunity to celebrate new learning and skills development. Student successes and achievements are recognised and celebrated in assembly and with praise postcards sent home to parents.

Presented here is a snapshot of enrichment activities from the last twelve months.

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