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Ormiston Academies Trust is a not-for-profit multi-academy sponsor with a family of primary and secondary academies across England. […]

Annual Sports Day

On Friday 14th July, Sandon Meridian Academy held its annual sports day. The day saw the three houses, Cliff, Mitchell and Bennett […]

Year 10 Liverpool Trip

Monday the 17th and Tuesday the 18th saw our Year 10 Geography cohort go out to Liverpool in order to take part in one of their fieldwork surveys. […]

Business as Usual

The week beginning the 10th of July marked the start of our annual ‘Higher Horizons’ events week for Year 10. The students engaged in activities linked to employ […]

New Cohort Transition Day

On Thursday 13th July we welcomed our new cohort of students during the 2017 Transition Day. The day provided a great opportunity for our new set of year 7’s […]

Beard Shaving Fundraiser

In order to raise funds for both the Young Epilepsy Charity and Sandon Meridian Academy Sports day Mr Maskill challenged his form to raise £150. […]

Primary Music Event

Students from Sandon Meridian Academy were joined by KS2 students from The Crescent Academy, Alexandra Junior, St Mathews and Lichfield Cathedral School […]

Recent News and Events

  • Year 10 students started their college day with a tour of the Art and Design exhibition followed by a fashion workshop.  They explored fashion illustration using an African theme and worked in small teams to create garments with a mixture of pattern paper and fabric. Students were enthused, gained an insight into college life and became enlightened to the creative [...]
  • Sandon art students’ work to feature in local exhibition. Sandon students Year 9 and Year 10  work has been included in the annual SASCAL Art exhibition at Stoke 6th Form and Head teachers conference. The SASCAL Art exhibition will be moving to it’s third venue, jointly hosted by the Art Stop and Pilgrim’s Pit, in Stoke. All of the student work that has [...]
  • Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th saw our DofE Bronze students set off on their two day Assessed Expedition. Despite the gruelling weather conditions all students completed both days of walking unburnt! They were a credit to the school with members of the public coming over to commend their behaviour whilst at a public campsite. All students passed their expedition section [...]
  • As part of this years entry to KMF’s young engineer of the year, students in year 10 designed and made a product to help bee’s. The students created the BeeKind box. After a successful pitch to Trentham Garden Centre the students were offered the opportunity to go into Trentham Garden Centre and sell their BeeKind Box within the centre as [...]

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Warwick Castle 2017

Our students took a trip back in time last week and visited one of the most beautiful castles in the UK, Warwick. Great opportunity to have an insight into history of England and the lifestyle of the past.  


Y10 Printing Workshop

Internationally renowned artist Brianna McCartrhy tweeted, form her home in Trinidad and Tobago, that she was ‘honoured’ to have inspired such ‘fabulous’ work created by Sandon Y10 students during […]


DofE Silver Qualifying Expedition

From Wednesday the 28th to Friday 30th July, sixteen Y10 students completed their Silver DofE Qualifying Expedition. Students set out from Whaley Bridge in some very tough conditions which didn’t improve […]


Creative Writing Trip

Students from KS3 visited Peak Wildlife Park to help them prepare for a piece of creative writing based around the theme of ‘animals’. As well as reading aloud, highlighting different aspects of text about […]

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Know About CSE

Child Sexual Exploitation wrecks lives, but it’s not an easy thing to spot unless you know what to look for. It’s important […]

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